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Below are testimonials of some of our clients who have purchased and utilized Scan-Bands® products.

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Molecular Imaging
Teaching Hospital
Gainesville, Florida

“We purchased the positioning straps that slide along the table’s length. These straps are extremely helpful because they can be adjusted to both width (to wrap around the girth of the patient) and length (positioning the straps to where the patient is lying instead of moving the patient to where the straps are or dragging them under the patient). These straps can also be completely removed and are interchangeable for size variance (pediatric versus obese). All of our techs have commented on how much they appreciate these straps because of ease in positioning and cleaning and their durability. Other departments within our institution use them as well. We would all highly recommend these straps for not only Nuclear Medicine, but every imaging modality where secure positioning is important.”

“Our technologists love Scan-Bands®! They’re easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Our facility is a Level I trauma center, so it’s important to be able to keep all accessories clean and sanitary – Scan-Bands® allows us to do just that! We have two sizes and find them to be a very versatile tool for positioning, as well as immobilization.”

Magnetic Resonance
Level I Trauma Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Lead Technologist
Nuclear Medicine
Teaching Hospital
Columbus, Ohio

“These positioning straps have made a huge difference in our patients’ image quality and their comfort level. My staff loves them!”

“My favorite thing about Scan-Bands® is that they are so easy to keep clean. The surface is much easier to wipe clean and looks more professional than the ones we have used in the past.”

Computed Tomography
Teaching Hospital
Tampa, Florida

Nuclear Medicine
Port Jefferson, New York

“Scan-Bands® fit our e.cams perfectly. We have two different lengths and swap them frequently for our bariatric patients. They are easy to clean and made from very high-quality materials. We highly recommend them!”

“The bands perform great. We just had our JC inspection and there were no compliance issues with infection control because of the ease of use with these bands.”

Ambulatory Imaging
Columbus, Ohio

Clinical Director
Advanced Practitioner
Small Animal Surgery
Veterinary Hospital
Doncaster, UK

“Upon installation of our Siemens CT, it quickly became clear that the restraints provided did not allow accurate or stable positioning of our patients. The Scan-Track™ External System changed this. Its ease of use, ability to position along the entire length of the couch, and flexibility allows us to accurately position our smallest feline to our largest canine patients. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“We have 2 CT scanners here and I have used Scan-Bands® Protective Covers on them for years. We love the antimicrobial coating. Patient transfer is much easier with Scan-Bands® vs. the hard plastic that comes standard with some scanners. We really like the “wings” on the sides, as those keep debris and fluid from getting between the table top and the base of the table. The material is effortless to clean as well. We also use the positioning straps. They slide very easily within the built-in track channels and do not bind up. The hook and loop attachment and construction is of excellent quality, as we have had no fraying of the hook and loop or pulling off of the band that it is attached to. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Besides being of high quality construction, you can’t beat the price when compared to other products on the market.”

Dayton, Ohio

Associate Director
Imaging Services
Teaching Hospital
Columbus, Ohio

“The MRI Thermal Pads are comfortable and perfect to fit beside the patient.”

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