• Reduce motion-based artifacts

• Easy to clean, seamless construction

• Increase patient safety on narrow imaging tables

• Stain and fluid resistant

• Retrofits to current imaging equipment

• Decrease patient anxiety for fewer appointment cancellations


NEW! digiPrint by Scan-Bands®

Available for CT, MRI, NM, and RO


Scan-Bands® Original Radiology Strap

Available for CT, MRI, NM, and RO


Scan-Bands® Equipment Protection

Available for CT, MRI, NM, and RO


Scan-Bands® Accessories

Available for CT, MRI, NM, and RO

About Scan-Bands®

Columbus Healthcare Products, LLC was founded in 2011 as a result of one revelation: the diagnostic imaging experience had become unsafe. This observation led owner Jan Kellogg to work alongside a team of technologists to develop an alternative.

From that beginning, Scan-Bands® was created and our clients couldn’t be happier. With an easy to clean, easy to use design, the benefits of Scan-Bands® are limitless and continue to amaze even us. Our line of patient-positioning accessories has truly become the best-kept secret in radiology.

Our Mission

A strong commitment to quality and service has always been at the forefront of any product we have manufactured. Because of that, we are gaining notoriety with the largest health systems in North America. With your support, we will continue to be recognized as one of the premier imaging accessory companies for years to come.