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About Scan-Bands®

Columbus Healthcare Products is a manufacturer of customized patient positioning products that assist diagnostic imaging departments in hospitals and outpatient clinics to provide a comfortable and safe patient experience. The Scan-Bands® product line can be used on all imaging modalities to reduce fall risk, hospital-acquired infections, and rescans. Scan-Bands® are designed to be user-friendly and the high-quality materials and unique design mean they are easier to clean.

Scan-Bands ® was developed by Jan Kellogg, owner of Columbus Healthcare Products, LLC as a result of the need from a local teaching hospital that requested improved patient positioning products. She worked closely with technologists and a physicist to create safer and higher quality products that meet the demands of a busy imaging department.

Meet Our Staff


Cheryl Brokaw

Director of Client Services

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Jan Kellogg


Ericka Cole CHP square

Ericka Cole

Account Executive

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